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RF-A20 Semi-automatic Auger Filler


Model: RF-A20


The machine is suitable for filling and packing all kinds of powder and small grain materials, for example milk powder, feed, rice flour, sugar, pesticide, carbon, coffee powder, etc. It’s composed of servomotor, PLC and touch screen controller. The whole machine is made of Stainless steel according to national GMP requirement.



* Automatic error correct for filling weight, failure warning to ensure the eligible product.

* Complete and efficient dust collecting technique to keep the machine and workshop clean.

* Reasonable structure and layout for whole machine, which make it easy to clean.

* We have 20 years experiences in auger filling, and have different auger filling techniques for different materials.

* Open the transparent hopper, it’s easy clean and remove different part.

* Weight feedback and proportion track design, which overcome the drawback that materials proportion changing leads to change of package weight.


Technical parameter

* Weight range:1-6000g

* Filling accuracy:≤0.3-1% Different weight and property for material have different accuracy

* Filling speed:4-80 times/min Different weight and proportion for material have different speed.

* Powder supply: 380/220V 50-60Hz

* Total power:1800W

* Total weight:260kg

* Hopper volume:50L(big hopper:60L):

* Machine dimension:1200*800*2150mm



The machine is suitable for all kinds of powder and small grain material.It takes intelligent control to ensure filling is more efficient and reasonable. 







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