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RF-Z12 Benchtop Weigh Filler(for granular)


Model: RF-Z12


The machine is design according to national GMP standard. It’s able to complete auto-dosing, filling and out-of-tolerance alarm. It’s suitable for packing materials such as powder, granule as well as squeezing expanded, absorbent, irregular proportion change material. The rang of application: sugar, salt, detergent powder, seed, rice, milk powder, MSG, coffee, sesame seed and so on.



* Use double independent weighing hopper which is easy to be remove and clean. Also, it has strong anti-jamming capacity and is not liable to be affected by external environment.

* Feeders can adjust automatically according to proportion of materials. Also, it has higher accuracy and faster speed.

* With independent single weight sensor: more stable and sensitive.

* Mode can be set to automatically record packing times.

* Easily pass and transfer as well as timely feedback qualified rate of current products.

* With complete and efficient dust collecting technique to keep machine and workshop clean.

* Use hook-type for weighing hopper, which can be easily removed for cleaning.

Technical parameter

* Dosing type:vibrating feeding

* Packing weight: 50-1000g

* Packing accuracy: ≤0.2%  

* Packing speed: 15-30 times/min

* Power supply: 220V 50-60Hz

* Total power: 500W

* Total weight: 150kg

Machine dimension: 650*680*1790mm



With function of automatic dosing, filling, error correct alarm and so on. it is wide range for using.









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