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RF-C30-2 Automatic Bag Packing System


Model: RF-C30-2


The C30 vibrating filler is suitable for automatic filling, dosing and conveying, especially for granular. Reafine's innovative vibration feeding system ensures a srable packing procedure.



* The machine material is stainless steel (excluding motor, cylinder electrical components and pneumatic components).

* Innovative clamp, which prevent powder leaking.

* Excellent performance: reliable PLC control, high-weighing system,international brand electrical equipments to ensure 24 hours continuous work.

* Auto-calibration, over-error alarm and more.


Technical parameter

* Filling mode: Weighing-hopper

* Filling weight:5-50kg

* Filling accuracy:≤0.2%

* Filling speed:≥10 bags/min



Suitable for filling: Milk powder,feed,rice flour,suger,coffice,monosoduim glutamate,solid medicine,pesticide,animal medicine,additive,dye,cacao powder,dextrose,spice,carbon powder,toilet powder,etc.









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