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RF-C50 Automatic Valve Bag Filler


Model: RF-C50


The machine is suitable for automatic filling, dosing and conveying, especially for material with poor fluidity. For example: milk powder, feed, rice, sugar, coffee, solid drink, dextrose, solid medicine, pesticide, additive, dye and so on.



* The whole conveyor is made by stainless steel except motor, bearing and frame. All made of stainless steel except motor, cylinder, electrical accessories and pneumatic parts. It’s especially suitable for those packing materials that require GMP certification, food hygiene certification and anti-corrosion chemical product.

* Valve bags are weighed directly and after dosing, they can be sent automatically.

* 2 mode with different speed for auger feeding. Spiral pipe with double layer collects and centralize dust without polluting the workshop.

* Match vibrating hopper particular for sticky materials, making materials are hard to accumulate and block.

* double weight sensor, work steadily, won’t set up resonation easily and have higher sensitivity.

* Rotary electrical control cabinet get rid of difference between front and side.

* Match with conveying belt to achieve better automation.

* Calibration program (match with weight) is available for calibrating anytime, and it’s especially useful for weight drift caused by the machine due to not being used for a long time.

* It’s easy clean the residual material because the independent auger can be inserts and draws out directly. 

Technical parameter

* Filling mode: double auger feeding

* Dosing mode: weighing(valve orifice with bag to weigh)

* Filling weight: 2-50kg

* Filling accuracy: ±0.3%

* Filling speed: ≥2 bags/min

* Power supply: three-phase 380V 50-60Hz

* Total power: 810W



The machine can finish automatic filling, dosing and conveying, its suitable for free flow or flowability is not good for materials.









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