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RF-C60 Automatic Intelligent Bag Filler


Model: RF-C60


The REAFINE RF-C60 is designed to pack a wide variety of products at low to medium flling rates. The C60 features a bottom-up filling system which maintains a constant distance between the outlet of the filler tube and the top of the powder in the bag. By doing this,the displacement of air is kept to a minimum and the resulting dust emissions are dramatically reduced over more conventional systems.



* Bottom-up filling system which maintains a cinstant distanse between the outlet of the filler tube and the top of the powder in the bag, reducing dust flowing to minimum.

* Clean and safe in operation with reliable built-in modelar.

* PLC control with touch-panel operation allows complete control of the packing line from the filler, whilst product configurations held in the control system take care of a wide variety of packing parameters for multiple products.

* All REAFINE fillers are constructed of stainless steel which makes them ideal for both high hygiene and corrosive products.


Technical parameter

* Filling mode: Gross weighing

* Filling weight:5-50kg

* Filling accuracy:≤0.1%

* Filling speed:≥5 bags/min



Suitable for filling: Milk powder,feed,rice flour,suger,coffice,monosoduim glutamate,solid medicine,pesticide,animal medicine,additive,dye,cacao powder,dextrose,spice,carbon powder,toilet powder,etc.






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