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RF-CL10 Automatic Ton-bag Packaging System


Model: RF-CL10


The automatic ton-bag filler can excute automatic dosing, lefting, clamping and realeading as well as dedusting. It has multiple choice for feeding devices, which means it's suitable for a wide range of materials and bags. Examples: powder, feed, rice flour, suger, coffee,toilet powder, pesticides, additives, pharmaceuticals etc.



* The machine material is stainless steel (excluding motor,cylinder,electrical componets and pneumatic components).

* Excellent performance: reliable PLC control, high-weighing system, branded electrical equipment to ensure 24 hours continuous work.

* Flexible module design makes the discharger suitable for wide applications to best accommodate yours needs.

* Equipped with high speed valve to close the discharge point fast, leaving no more useless material.

* Net weight scale and gross weight scale can be customized according to space, quantity, and material property limits.

* Effective dust collecting system controls material blowing, which provide a better quality rate of the product.

* Customized feeding choice: auger feeding, valve feeding, vibrating feeding, and chain conveying.


Technical parameter

* Filling mode: Auger/Valve/Vibrating/Chain Conveying

* Filling weight: 500-1000kg

* Filling accuracy: ±0.1%

* Filling speed: 20-40 bags/min



Suitable for filling: Milk powder,feed,rice flour,suger,coffice,monosoduim glutamate,solid medicine,pesticide,animal medicine,additive,dye,cacao powder,dextrose,spice,carbon powder,toilet powder,etc.






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