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RF-B30 Automatic Auger Filler


Model: RF-B30


Powder canned filling machine is suitable for a variety of powder and granule’s filling and packing in terms of can and tins. For example, powder, feed, rice flour, sugar, coffee, monosodium glutamate, solid medicine, pesticide, animal medicine, additive, dye, cacao powder, dextrose, spice, carbon powder, toilet powder and so on.

Match with Reafine’s other equipment to achieve complete and intelligent canned packing system, combining feeding, sterilization, dosing, pumping vacuum, filling, printing, packing, palletizing, stacking and so on into automatic production line.



* Automatic error correct for filling weight, failure warning to ensure the eligible product.

* Complete and efficient dust collecting technique to keep the machine and workshop clean.

* Reasonable structure and layout for whole machine, which make it easy to clean.

* We have 20 years experiences in auger filling, and have different auger filling techniques for different materials.

* Open the transparent hopper, it’s easy clean and remove different part.

* Weight feedback and proportion track design, which overcome the drawback that materials proportion changing leads to change of package weight.


Technical parameter

* Filling weight: 10-3000g

* Filling accuracy:≤0.3-1% different accuracy for different material

* Filling speed:20-50 cans/min

* Container size: Dia.20-200mm    height 50-300mm

* Machine Dimension:2400*1250*2100mm



Suitable for all kinds of filling and packing of can, Match the other machines with our producing department to achieve complete and intelligent canned system,feeding, sterilization, dosing, pumping vacuum, filling nitrogen, packing, palletizing and so on combined into automatic producing line.









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