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Several Different Place For Feeding System



The whole pipe of the negative transferring system has the pressure less than local pressure. The negative transferring system is one of the most practical, reliable and mature one in terms of pneumatic conveying.


Multiple points feeding system:

The system consists a transferring pipe with multiple feeding points, a vacuum transferring machine and a controller. Feeding different materials is feasible by measuring the proportion of the material. In practice, the design is based on material required and various technological processes.


* Reliable impermeability prevents the grain inside the pipe from leaking to environment.

* Low requirement for manufacturing and less maintenance.

* Low pressure, high security under working condition.

* Consistency between inside and outside temperature, which make it very suitable for thermal sensitive material.

* The transfer can be continuously or intermittent, no materials residue in the pipe.

* Multiple feeding or feeding is feasible.

* It adopts centrifuge fan and Roots blower which use air dynamic source to prolong its lifetime.

* High adaptation makes it suitable for different materials.


Basic Principle

The Roots vacuum pump is the driving source of negative pressure transfer system. It sucks pipeline and jar to be vacuumed, causing the material and gas flows together at inlet by atmosphere pressure through the conveying pipe into the cyclone separator. Because of centrifugal force and gravity in the separator, most material is separated from gas. Less material and gas enters the dust catcher. Therefore, products and gas are separated by the filter to, feeding the gas to atmosphere.




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