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Dilute Phase Transfer System



The dilute phase transferring system is continuous a transferring system which the pressure of the whole pipe is larger than the local pressure. The air pressure is lower than 0.1 Mpa. The main characters of dilute phase system are large capacity of transfer, long distance transferring and steady under working condition.


* Can transfer for long distance, which normally has range 10-300m with good impermeability.

* Consumption of driving power is lower than negative pressure dilute phase.

* Sucking or discharging materials by multiple points.

* Match the micro-electronic device to achieve automation.

* The system is steady and do not need much maintenance.


Basic Principle

The Roots blower is the driving source of dilute phase transferring system with positive pressure. The temperature of the air was reduced appropriately by cooler at outlet of blower. After further filtering of air, the air and materials are mixed together in mixing vessel. The materials are suspended, and after the mixture enters into the separator, materials will be separated and air discharges.




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