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Auger conveyor(Round)



The machine is designed based on rotating mechanism of the auger. Because of propelling force as well as the gravity of materials and frictional force between materials and inner wall of pipe,. Materials relatively slide forward inside the pipe.



* Using eccentric block on main spindle of motor to generate the rotation steadily and achieve vibrating of hopper, so its avoid conglutination of materials due to poor liquidity. Also, the amplitude is adjustable, making the high efficiency for vibration excitation.

* Its takes separated design for feeding pipe and vibrating hopper to make running more steadily.

* The top of auger is fixed by clamp. Therefore, it’s easy to draw whole auger bar to clean

* Hose interface is fixed by clamp, which can be rapidly and easily dismantled

* Extra sensor or intelligent control circuit can be installed to control quantity of materials, automatic feeding and overload alarm.


Technical parameter

* Feeding speed: 3-5m³/h

* Hopper volume: 230L

* Power supply: three phase 380V/220V 50Hz

* Total power: driving motor 1500W, vibrating motor: 68W

* Total weight: 140kg

* Hopper dimension: inside: 968mm outside: 1002mm

* Distance for feed out port from ground: 1800mm



Conveying different materials fast and safely.







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