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Auger conveyor(No container)



The whole conveyor is made by stainless steel except motor, bearing and frame. It can transfer various kinds of powders and grains. Match with other packing machines to achieve automatic measuring and feeding in terms of various materials. Also it can be used separately for another situation.



* Double motor: feeding motor and vibrating motor are independent which has respective control switch.

* Feeding hopper and auger are design to be separated structure. Reasonable frame make it easy to install and remove. Our unique dustproof design avoids bearing from being polluted.

* No dead corner, residue material can be clean easily. Arc angle connection makes it possible for the auger to discharge reversely, discharging at gate of the bottom of pipe. Furthermore, it’s easy to take whole auger out from machine.


Technical parameter

* Conveying volume: 3m³/h

* Power supply: three phase 380V 50-60Hz

* Total power: 1100W

* Total power: driving motor 1500W, vibrating motor: 68W

* Conveying hight(distance for feed out port from ground): 1800mm

Remark: we can produce according to requirement of clients.



It can convey different materials according to requirement.








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